CARY slip gauges: the reference

00 - grade1 most exact flatness and accuracy

K -  equivalent to grade 00 with AS-1 accuracy

0 - generally equivalent to grade 2

AS-1 : generally equivalent to grade 3

AS-2 : generally less accurate to grade 3

The ANSI/ASME standard follows a similar philosophy as set forth in ISO EN 3650. 

To measure the value of a micron,

the benchmark for ultra-precision...

  • Very high quality slipe gauges gurantee perfect mastery of merasured values and a total compliance with tolerances. 
  • Perfect flatness and parallelism over the entire measuring surfaces
  • Exceptional wringability between the measuring surfaces due to our exclusive finishing technique
  • Excellent long-term dimensional stability with low linear expansion co-efficiency thanks to the choice of quality materials (special steels and tungsten carbide) and a sophisticated heat treatment process.